Do you have a great idea for a home wine cellar? Running out of wine storage in your home or business? Our team of experienced designers will help you build and implement the most suitable wine cellar for your needs. Our custom-designed cellars are ideal for clients with specific wine storage needs.

These needs usually come down to factors such as: the size of the wine collection, measurements of the room, and the style of the room. There’s no point having a wine cellar if it doesn’t fit in! The Bordex team has over 20 years experience working successfully with Australian wine enthusiasts and major wine organisations. We are confident in finding a solution that meets your aesthetic and practical needs.

If you are looking for some inspiration or just need some ideas, take a look through our recent projects.


How to Design your own Bordex Wine Storage System

You have 2 options to calculate your Bordex Custom Wine Racks.


  1. Download the Bordex Grid System to calculate larger areas. (Recommended for multiple walls and cellars)
  2. Follow these instructions for irregular shapes like under stairs etc.


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Let us know your wall sizes and we'll design a custom made solution. We can accommodate any size wall, cabinet or cellar. Maybe you have a wasted storage space under your stairs?, we can maximise your wine storage for this space also.