Installation Instructions


Depending on your wine rack size its possible that we will build your wine rack in separate modules, this will make it easier for you to handle through small door openings and also assist in reducing possible damage in transit. All required onsite joining accessories will arrive with your wine rack. Below FYI we have included the installation instructions to achieve an onsite join where multiple modules are required to achieve the final dimensions of your wine rack. It’s important to note, when the wine rack modules are joined together they will create a single row of vertical pockets. We always join vertically as we want the weight to remain on the wine racks footprint. Note: If your wine cellar has come in several modules it is best to start by positioning all the sections along the wall in the correct location.

Step 1

Place the first module or section into its correct position and ensure it is sitting against the wall or skirting board. Position Attachex Clips in place at least two pockets down from the top of the rack. Mark the position of the holes to be drilled into the wall with a pencil.  (For Gyprock wall use 2 x Gyprock anchors. For brick, concrete or stone walls, use green wall plugs). Remove the module and drill the holes – insert wall plug or Gyprock anchor. Then attach the section to the wall with the appropriate screw, ensuring it sits correctly at the base and the Attachex Clips are firm.

Step 2

Place two Conectex Clips (front and back) as close to the Attachex Clips as possible, this creates the space for the next module to join. Now position the second module alongside the first. Sliding the second module into the first section’s Connectex Clips. Ensure the base and top are sitting level with the first section.

Step 3

Mark the position of the second modules holes, then remove rack. Drill holes and insert wall plug or Gyprock anchor. Remember to remove the Connectex Clips prior to final fixing as you will need these as a spacing template for each join.

Step 4

Re-position the second module, secure the Attachex Clips to the wall with the appropriate screws. If you have more modules simply repeat these steps until all modules are installed.

Step 5

Finally, use Steel Fillers to fill in the gaps between the vertical join/s. Important, the Steel Fillers are only installed across the front of each vertical join and not the rear of the join. The vertical row of pockets that has been created with the join can also be used for bottle storage without the need for the rear Steel Fillers being installed. Once you have all the Steel Fillers installed, with a rubber mallet gently tap the front end of each timber, this will align the wine rack flat against the wall. Then clip on the plastic Protectex Clips over each Steel Filler, the Protectex Clips will protect your bottle labels against damage.