Special Sizes

Step 1. Download the grid and dimension chart .

Step 2. For regular shaped spaces like a square or rectangular shaped area or for inside a cupboard or cabinet, measure the maximum height and width of space available.

Step 3. Use the dimension chart to work out how many pockets you can fit into your area. For example: Say your area measures 1200mm (47.2″) high x 1500 mm (59″) wide. If you look at the chart, you’ll find the nearest pocket measurement to yours is 1180 mm (46.5″) high which is 12 pockets high and1465 mm (57.7″) wide which is 15 pockets wide.

Step 4: Using the price of AU$4.60 per pocket (plus delivery anywhere in Australia), you can then calculate the price of your wine rack. Eg 12 x 15 = 180 pockets @ AU$4.60 per pocket.

Step 5: Go to the Contact Us page where you can order your rack or get some further information or advice on Bordex custom made racks.

For irregular shapes and sizes: If you’ve got an unusual area to fill, like under your stairs, measure the greatest vertical and horizontal lengths. Use the custom grid to help you draw the shape and work out the number of pockets you’ll need. If you’d like advice, go to our Contact Us.